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Porcelain dining sets ROKOKO comes from historical shapes and are characterized by its sleek combination of smooth and embossed elements (handles, grips). This is a high-quality household, utility porcelain with a wide range of applications, suitable for both home and cottages, rural settlements, as well as festive occasions. In addition to classic sets, ROKOKO offers a range of kitchen accessories.


All porcelain shaped ROKOKO is patterned in FORGET-ME-NOT SPRAYS decor. Upon request, we will produce (decorate) the shape of ROKOKO with all our decors (motifs). 


ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PORCELAIN ROKOKO WITH SOME OF OUR DECORS? Just order a porcelain with the FORGET-ME-NOT SPRAYS decor and add the selected decor to the "Notes" (in the order form at the bottom)!!!






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