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Promotional Porcelain

Production of promotional porcelain, promotional gifts and promotional goods.

Do you need decals with the logo, emblem or name of your restaurant, guesthouse, company, etc.? Use our long-term experience and services of our silk screen printing. We are happy to process your design from placing the order of the design to the final product. We can provide you with the production of decals themselves, or with the complete service including the printing on porcelain. You can choose from our wide range of both utility (household) thin-walled porcelain as well as hotel and gift porcelain.

Technical requirements: we will get back to you in a timely manner regarding the supporting documents you will provide us with (logos, emblems, pictures, etc.).

Maximum number of colors: we use the method of printing CMYK and multicolor printing of up to 9 colors.

Prices are calculated according to the number of colors and the quantity of items ordered. The more items you order, the more attractive price we can offer you!

As regards a very small amount (where it is not worth the costs to use the silk screen printing), there is the possibility of using one of our leading painters specializing in hand printing. We will inform you of the price of these products.

Printing Price List: 

1-Printing     Sheet size of 40x60cm

sheets 1-50 51-100 101-200 201 and more
colors in total per 1 sheet per 1 sheet per 1 sheet
1 3625 68 54 43
2 4813 83 64 56
3 6000 106 79 65
4 7125 125 94 78
5 8313 138 108 90
6 9500 151 120 101
7 10688 166 134 114
8 11875 181 148 126
9 13125 195 160 136
10 14313 210 174 149


2-Surcharges for precious metals (gold, platinum, luster, etc.):
Prices for the material are monthly adjusted according to the manufacturer’s current offer. The surcharges also apply to colors which contain precious metals, such as magenta, blue, green, etc.

3-lithography processing by PC:
An hour of graphic work for CZK 250
Film exposure per piece CZK 250

The final price for the prints consists of the sum of all three items: 1+2+3
(price for the sheet, surcharges of the colors, films, PC processing)

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